Cal Hacks Design




Art Direction

Cal Hacks is a student run nonprofit at UC Berkeley and organizes the largest collegiate hackathon in the US. As the design lead, I am responsible for keeping designs for our initiatives consistent and on schedule.

The Codex


Cal Hacks organizes many initiatives each year to empower students to build with technology. I work on an interdisciplinary team to create websites and marketing materials. These are often designed and built in the span of ~2 weeks.

Role: design lead(2021), sponsorship(2020) and diversity(2021) teams
Tools: Figma, Illustrator

0. Collaborators

I worked closely with Lucy, Julia, and Amy on the design team. Terrance and Noah are our talented developers who coded the sites.

1. Hack:now

A 3 day online hackathon with over 2,500 participants globally.

2. Hack Month

A month-long event to provide students the community and resources to work on side projects.
Hack Month