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Hey there! I’m Jojo, a 2nd-year computer science and business administration student @ UC Berkeley. I am fascinated by the intersection between technology, design, and business. Creating new products that people love excites me: talking to potential customers, designing the experience, building it out, figuring out how to get the product in customers’ hands.

Skills: Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Github, C, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Google Analytics, Amplitude, coordinating on cross-functional teams, user research.

I'm Jojo

I'm a Self Starter

Here are some projects I've founded in the past.
The Okay Group
The Okay Group

An art-for-charity nonprofit that sells crafts and draws charicatures to raise money for girls’ education globally.

Ineffable Muse
Ineffable Muse

An online jewelry boutique providing affordable alternatives to trends with customers in over 20 countries.


A GPS wristband for amusement parks to ensure visitors with younger children can have a stress-free daycation.

Relevant Coursework

Things I Care About

Educational Inequality

I believe access to good education is a right and can be achieved by raising funds to build schools or using technology to make education more accessible.

Always Creating

Whether it be through painting, dance, classical guitar, UI design or code, my creative projects are what wake me up in the mornings.


I value deeply connecting and growing together with those around me and love meeting new people. However, I am also an introvert!

I am currently looking for summer 2021 internship roles and exciting projects to collaborate on!

I would love to grab a (virtual) cup of coffee together :)

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