The Codex Website Redesign




Art Direction

New Product Launch

Brand Positioning

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The Codex


The Python and Data Science e-learning platform wanted to refresh its branding to have more personality and modernize its desktop & mobile website, that’s where I come in!

Role: sole designer, market research, user research
Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Procreate

0. Collaborators

I worked closely with Sameer and Avi on brand positioning and strategy for the designs. I also worked with a developer, Wal, who coded the final site.

1. Initial Research

Goal: understanding who the user is.
User Stats
Key Insight: The Codex’ current students vary a lot across age groups and countries. Diversity efforts could be improved. After speaking to over 30 students, we also realized that students' motives for signing up also varied drastically.

Design Audit

I reviewed the websites of 15 competitors, taking note of industry norms. Students tend to take classes from many different platforms, and certain experiences tend to be similar between them. I incorporated these elements to make the learning experience more digestible for a new user.

Competitive Analysis

Summary: Customer Personas

Common Pain Point: Don't know how to apply theory to start building real projects!

Students looking to
supplement their education.

Career Change

Those trying to
change careers.

Passion Project

Creators looking to
build passion projects.

2. Key Challenges

In order to create a community of students with such varied age ranges and geographic locations, I needed to create branding that would appeal to a wide audience. We wanted the branding to be energetic and approachable, but also clean and trustworthy. Furthermore, the website must leave a lasting impression which differs from The Codex' many competitors.

3. Brainstorming & Initial Sketches

User Flowchart User Journey Initial Sketches

4. Website Designs

Landing Page Dashboard Pathway

5. Ongoing Goals

This website is still being iterated on and developed.

Currently, we are trying to design a better, more interactive way for students to learn projects. This will likely take more time, since we are still testing our methods on a small scale. After we decide on a learning process and curriculum, I will be taking a deeper dive into the UI/UX aspects of the learning process. My goal will be to design a process that is intuitive to use, and helps the user build a habit of coming back to learn. Additionally, I want to continue to create graphics showing diverse characters throughout the site to encourage minorities in tech.